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Ben Lamb loses hand AA vs KK in 2011 WSOP Main Event

Oct 26

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011  RssIcon

Ben "Benba" Lamb somehow managed to lose the very minimum when he had KK vs AA of Darcourts in the 2011 NL Holdem Main Event. This hand could have easily knocked Ben Lamb out of the tournament, but he shows why he is a favorite now to win the 2011 WSOP Main Event.

How did Ben Lamb manage to lose the minimum on this hand? Only he knows for sure but we can all speculate. Being that Ben Lamb made a very deep run in the 2009 WSOP NL Holdem Main Event, where he finished 14th, his past experience probably yielded some control in this situation. Knowing the value and importance of getting to the November Nine, Ben Lamb probably saw no need to risk all his chips in this type of hand. Everyone was thinking at the end of that hand, where was that monster pot, Kings meet Aces and somehow the pot was nearly meaningless.

After the hand Darcourt said, "you don't reraise me before the flop, before that..."

Ben Lamb's responded, "i don't know, where's your pot buddy."

This hand very well could be the hand that while Ben Lamb did not win it, it might of been the hand that really propelled him to the November Nine. Had he done what most players would have, Ben Lamb would have been crippled and possibly busted out of the tournament after that hand.

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